Knuutila Manor

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Knuutila is located in the Nokianvirta estuary, one of the oldest permanently inhabited places in Pirkanmaa. Knuutila Manor is owned by the City of Nokia and managed by the Siuro Society. The manor was called NiemenpÀÀ in the 15th century. There is plenty of documented information about Pentti Lydekenpoika DjÀknik (who died about 1460), who lived here. According to Pentti, the estate and village were soon called PenttilÀ. Documents indicate that PenttilÀ became the property of King Gustav Vasa in 1555. He gave the space to her son Juhana, and the Duke Juhana donated it to her mistress Kaarina HannuntytÀr. In the early 18th century there were four farms in PenttilÀnkylÀ: Haukka, IppilÀ, Marttila and Knuutila. The farms were cultivated by tenant farmers.. In the mid-19th century, Charles Ephraim Adam's son (1809 - 1899), the owner of IppilÀ, acquired all the facilities except the half-Hauka. He took the name Knuutila. In 1964, the estate of Frans Oskar Arvid Knuutila sold the farm to the Nokia store. Many buildings have been demolished, but even today, as you look at the Knuutila surroundings, you can imagine how people lived here during the heyday of the estate about a hundred years ago. Nowadays, Siuro-Society, a local area association, leases the premises, and a small hotel operates in the shed. For more information visit: Knuutila


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